2021 Athena Dance Arts Award Announcement

On March 15, 2022, CST, Athena Culture Education Foundation’s2021 Dance Arts Awards were officially announced. A total of 30 works from different countries were shortlisted, and 15 of them were selected for a number of awards including the Best Dance Nomination Award, Best PerformanceNomination Award, Best Choreography Award, Sycamore Award and White Egret Award. The award winners are:

Skylark Award
Children Fishing (Junior Category)
Chopstick Dance (Teen Category)
Father (Adult Category)

White Egret Award
Cute Little Penguins (Junior Category)
Hands & Feet (Teen Category)
She Used to be Mine (Adult Category)

Best Performance Nomination Award
Castle in the Sky (Junior Category)
Kite (Junior Category)
Crested Ibis (Teen Category)
A Big River (Teen Category)
Blue Sky Green Grass (Teen Category)

Best Choreography Award – Sycamore Award
Hey Soul Sister

The Athena Dance Arts Award was established to discover and transmit the inner spirit of art, to “give spirit to art and give art to spirit.”During this special timewhen the entire global is fighting against the epidemic, we have witnessed humanity’s united efforts as well as many heartwarming and inspirational stories. We would like to thank all the contestants for their participation and dedication. At the same time, we hope that more people around the world will participate in the future. We believe that with the establishment andexpansionof this award, it may become a milestoneand promote the innovation and development of art on a global scale.